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Zena Alieva is an emerging jewelry artist and designer. She lives and works in Austin, Texas.

Her approach to design is rooted in celebrating elegant lines and simple shapes.

The value of craftsmanship is integral to Zeineb’s work. She designs and produces each piece by hand, implementing traditional metalworking techniques with digital woodworking. Each piece is engineered to naturally integrate wood and metal with quality in mind.

Zeineb is originally from Tashkent, Uzbekistan. Following degrees in Studio Art and Physics from University of Texas in Austin, and an instinctive passion for material experimentation, she started working with wood, metal, and gemstones.  


WOOD & METAL | Process, Techniques, and Materials

Initially I translate the original sketches into a digital format. The digitally manipulated designs allow me to laser cut and etch the wood, creating multiples. When the wood pieces are laser cut and cleaned, I use metalworking techniques to inlay, shape, and join metal. None of my wood is glued to the metal, instead the only connections are wood to wood or metal to metal. The value of craftsmanship is integral to my work.

In an effort to maintain an ethically sourced line of products, I only buy wood species that are not listed as endangered. The rare wood in my collections is obtained by partnering with local wood shops to re-purpose the scraps that would otherwise be thrown out. My metal source is committed to sustainability and primarily or exclusively uses recycled metal.